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Ukraine ensured additional GDP growth for Poland by 1-3% in 2022-2023

Ukraine in 2022-2023 provided additional GDP growth for Poland by 1-3% per year. Prime Minister of Ukraine Denis Shmygal stated this at a press conference, Interfax-Ukraine reports.

Ukraine provided additional GDP growth for Poland by 1-3% in 2022-2023

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How Poland’s GDP has changed

“In general, according to the National Bank Ukraine, Credit Agricole, Deloitte, Oxford Economics, over these two years, Ukrainians and Ukraine influenced Poland’s GDP from 1 to 3% of annual growth,” said Szmigal.

He explained that Poland received 2 billion euros from the European Investment Bank under an agreement to provide loans to Polish cities and regions that host Ukrainian refugees.

“Poland received 0.6 billion euros from the European Commission as part of the payment of 3.5 billion to EU member states to help those regions that support Ukrainian refugees,” the Prime Minister added.

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According to him, Ukrainian entrepreneurs working in Poland for 2022-2023 paid taxes and social security contributions to the Polish budget in the amount of 2.3 billion euros.

“For comparison, Poland spent 1.1 billion euros on support and social assistance, education of Ukrainian refugees… Ukrainians who came to Poland used their bank cards to pay in Polish stores and left 4 billion euros for Polish business… 2 were transferred from the accounts of Ukrainian citizens to the Polish economy, 1 billion euros from February 24, 2022 to July 2023, of which 1.9 billion euros in retail chains,” Shmygal said.

In addition, the Prime Minister emphasized that 48.4 thousand . individual companies were registered by citizens of Ukraine in Poland during two years of full-scale war, and that the owners of these companies also pay taxes to the budget.

He also recalled that 691 thousand Ukrainians are employed in Poland and pay taxes in full.< /p>

“749 million euros is the amount of contracts signed by the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine with Polish companies that produce weapons. 43 contracts have been signed and taxes will also be paid for them,” added the head of government.

Shmygal also said that Ukraine received nothing from the funds collected at two donor conferences held in Poland.

“According to our data, more than 10 billion euros were collected in the first, and more than 6 billion euros in the second. Ukraine received nothing from them. The funds were collected by Poland together with the European Commission to support Ukraine… We do not know the fate of these funds,” Shmygal summed up.


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