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Ukrainian entrepreneurs can open an account with Privatbank online using “Diya.Signature”

Privatbank has launched for Ukrainian entrepreneurs who open their individual entrepreneur account through the bank’s website the opportunity to do this not only using Smart ID and PrivatBank’s CEP, but also through “Diya.Signature”. This was reported by the bank's press service.

Ukrainian entrepreneurs can open an account with Privatbank online using

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As Evgeniy Zaigraev, member of the bank's board of directors on MPB issues, said, the connection of the “Diya.Signature” service is significant simplifies the opening of individual entrepreneur accounts for entrepreneurs who have not previously been clients of the bank or who have not previously had an electronic signature from Privatbank.

How to open an account online

To open a new account in Privatbank on the bank’s website, entrepreneurs you need to go through 6 steps:

    Specify the type of business account – Individual Entrepreneur (PE). Go through authorization. Fill out the form. Select a tariff package. Next is a card for a business account. The last step is signing the documents.

The bank noted that almost 20 thousand individual entrepreneurs open new accounts in Privatbank every month, while every third new account of an entrepreneur is opened exclusively online through the bank’s website, and after the start of the service, every fifth entrepreneur uses “Diya.Signature” when opening a new account.

According to research by CBR conducted in 2023, 45% of legal entities and 61% of entrepreneurs call Privatbank the main bank for their business.


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