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A creature unknown to science was found in Japan: the first footage was published

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This information was reported by the above-mentioned source, reports URA-Inform.

What was found?

The jellyfish with a red cross on its belly was named Santjordia pagesi. It lives at a depth of 812 meters off the coast of the Japanese Ogasawara Islands and is one of the smallest among other inhabitants of the deep sea. This type of jellyfish has only been spotted twice, and its poison remains unknown to this day.

Features of the study

A new one was created to classify this organism the genus Santjordia and the subfamily Santjordiinae within the family Ulmaridae. A distinctive feature of Santjordia pagesi is the absence of branched canals and subumbrellar tentacles, which served as the basis for the identification of a new subfamily. For now, this species is temporarily included in the family Ulmaridae pending further research and analysis.

Why is the discovery important?

Japanese scientists emphasize that the discovery Santjordia pagesi highlights the need for further research into the deep-sea ecosystem and its unique inhabitants. This also emphasizes the importance of protecting vulnerable marine species, including this jellyfish, and preserving marine ecosystems in general.

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