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DTEK has bad news for the world: experts admitted how much generation was lost

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As it turned out, the attack by Russian forces on the energy system of Ukraine became one of the most destructive during the entire period of the full-scale invasion.

This is confirmed by the statement of the general director of the YASNO company, Sergei Kovalenko, who spoke on air at the telethon, reports URA-Inform with reference to RBC-Ukraine.

According to him, as a result Russian attacks, DTEK's losses in total amounted to 50% of electricity generation.

«If we talk about the DTEK group, we lost half of the generating facilities. We have serious restoration work ahead of us, and it will be a protracted and extremely costly process that will take considerable time», — he emphasized.

Today, according to Kovalenko, most regions and cities of Ukraine have already received the necessary assistance and support to restore the energy system.

However, he noted that the situation is Kharkov remains the most difficult. This city was hit hardest by shelling and faced serious energy supply problems.

The incident thus highlights the importance of protecting energy infrastructure and its resilience in the face of military conflict, as well as the need for rapid response and support from the international community to restore the energy system and ensure stability in the regions.

Recall that in Lithuania they called the “victory formula” over the Russian Federation: statement by the head of government.

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