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Scientists have almost learned to treat HIV

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Scientists have almost learned to treat HIV: specialists from the University of Amsterdam announced a significant breakthrough in the fight against the human immunodeficiency virus using Crispr gene editing technology, for which they were awarded the Nobel Prize.

This information was reported by the BBC, reports “URA- Inform.”

What did the experts do?

This innovative technology acts like invisible scissors, cutting DNA at the molecular level to remove or neutralize harmful components. A team of scientists from the University of Amsterdam presented their preliminary results at a medical conference this week. They noted that their work to date is just a proof of concept and does not represent a cure for HIV in the near future.

Expert Opinion

Dr James Dixon, associate professor of stem cell technology and gene therapy at the University of Nottingham, agreed with this statement, noting that the full results require further research and analysis.

«Much more development will be required before this will be available for HIV patients», — he emphasized.

Other researchers are also experimenting with using Crispr technology to fight HIV. For example, the American company Excision BioTherapeutics reported successful trial results in which no serious side effects were found in three volunteers with HIV infection 48 weeks after using the technology.

Bottom line

Dr Jonathan Stoy, a virus expert at the Francis Crick Institute in London, stressed that removing HIV from all cells that might contain it is extremely difficult.

«The occurrence of off-target treatment effects, as well as possible long-term side effects, remains a concern», — he noted.

Stoy also added that until the effectiveness of such Crispr-based therapy is proven, it will be a long time before it becomes routine practice in the treatment of HIV- infections.

However, at the moment, unfortunately, the above method is still in development. However, the new technology will allow people to potentially completely get rid of the dangerous disease. Thus, scientists have almost learned to treat HIV.

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