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Ukrainians can now be fired from work because of relatives: changes to the Labor Code

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In Ukraine, changes have been made to the Labor Code, and employers now have additional grounds for dismissing workers.

This information was reported on the Verkhovna Rada website, URA-Inform reports.  

“New grounds for termination of an employment contract at the initiative of the employer &#8212 ; entry into force of a court verdict by which the employee is sentenced to imprisonment or other punishment that precludes continuation of work, or which led to the loss of the employer’s confidence in him” — the message says.

New grounds are also added:

— employee actions that may contribute to the aggressor state at objects of strategic importance;

— failure to comply with internal labor regulations.

Reservations are introduced into the internal labor regulations regarding the actions or inactions of an employee that may contribute to the aggressor state.

In addition, a component of the internal labor regulations may be rules of conduct at the enterprise, which contain provisions for employees to provide information about connections with individuals who are permanently residing in the territory of the aggressor country or in temporarily occupied territory.

We remind you that it was previously reported that military registration and enlistment office employees will be stationed at checkpoints in the Lviv region: the OVA stated the reason.

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