• 24/07/2024 03:13

Why did the TCC begin to act more radically: Major General of the Armed Forces of Ukraine admitted what the situation is

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Marchenko reported this information in an interview with Deutsche Welle, URA-Inform reports.

 «Those who wanted to voluntarily join the Ukrainian army to actively participate in the resistance have now disappeared», — Marchenko emphasized.

In this regard, according to him, representatives of territorial recruitment centers are forced to go around apartments and closely study private sectors.

The Major General expressed hope that that through joint efforts with local authorities, the police and the military it will be possible to resolve the current situation and “convey the necessary information to the male half of Ukraine.”

«If we cannot hold out in this war, then it becomes obvious that we will no longer have a second chance», — emphasized the major general.

As previously reported, why the Russian Federation insists on a truce: Dikiy spoke about the problems the occupiers have.

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