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Why in Soviet times were apartments built with tiny kitchens: the answer will surprise many

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Telegraf reported this information, URA-Inform reports.  

It is known that in “Khrushchev” buildings the kitchen area is very small — mostly 6 sq.m. And there are also houses where the kitchen is generally — 4 sq.m. This was a completely common phenomenon, but now it is very surprising why the layouts in new buildings of that time were exactly like this.

It turns out that large kitchens could contribute to the waste of food and luxury, which was contrary to the spirit of socialism and collectivism. In the USSR, in the post-war years and during the reconstruction period, there was a huge shortage of housing.

The construction of large apartments with spacious kitchens was economically unaffordable for many families. It is also worth considering the limited amount of available building materials and resources.

This made the construction of large kitchens impossible. Small kitchens were often created taking into account the optimization of space, and so that the Soviet people felt their boundaries. In Soviet society, minimalism and simplicity were often valued. And the small kitchen corresponded to these values.

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