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Why the Russian Federation does not agree to exchange captured Azov soldiers: Budanov named the reason

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Budanov announced this information on air at the national telethon, URA-Inform reports.  

Head of the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine Kirill Budanov said that Russia is now playing its usual game.

According to him, she is trying to manipulate a topic that is socially difficult for Ukrainians. It is for this reason that the Kremlin does not yet agree to exchange captured Azov soldiers.

«Russia is playing its usual game. She is trying to play the card of socially complex segments of our population in their understanding, to which the issue of «Azov» can be attributed. This issue is perceived very painfully in society. And they dream that playing on this topic will give them some benefit in destabilizing the situation in our country. But this is not so», — Kirill Budanov emphasized.

At the same time, the chief Ukrainian intelligence officer also recalled that the commanders of the «Azov» had already been returned earlier, and added that over time all the Azovites would return home.

«In principle, no one ever I didn’t believe in it and thought it was unrealistic. But the facts speak for themselves. Therefore, over time, we will get everyone out», — Budanov summarized this topic.

 Recall that it was previously reported why the Russian Federation suddenly agreed to a large exchange of prisoners: ISW explanation.

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