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After the downing of hostile Su-34s, the Russian Army does not use KABs in the Kherson region – OK “Yug”

The enemy is scouting how to counteract in the southern direction.

After the air force On December 22, two Russian fighters were shot down in the Kherson direction. Russian troops do not use guided bombs in the southern direction. This was reported by the head of the Joint Coordination Press Center of the Defense Forces of Southern Ukraine, Natalya Gumenyuk, writes Radio Liberty.

“The enemy is very powerful used tactical aviation, using it in the direction of the combat line with the dropping of guided aerial bombs in populated areas of both the right bank and later along the bridgehead of the left bank. In general, we can say that we counted more than 330 guided aerial bombs in December alone, dropped from tactical aircraft,” – noted Gumenyuk.

Now, according to Gumenyuk, the enemy is thinking about what to do and how to counteract.< /p>

“Since December 22, we have not recorded a single launch of guided bombs in our area of ​​​​responsibility. Not only on land, but also in the Black Sea,” the speaker added.

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