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An alternative to a notary. How can Ukrainians validate documents from the Czech Republic?

Ukrainian refugees in the Czech Republic are often subject to persecution in organizations and institutions and documents. The originals should not be rotated, otherwise it would be better to deprive the certified copies.

The easiest way to verify documents is at Czech POINT points, which are issued by postal departments and government agencies, reports RBC-Ukraine, sent to proukrainu.blesk.cz.

Czech POINT in the Czech Republic is a sovereign body that allows access to various registries, and its security officers have the right to certify signatures. This national information terminal for submitting and verifying documents was created to simplify the communication of people from government institutions.

Czech POINT services are available in over 7,100 places in the Czech Republic. Most often – at postal departments, municipal self-government bodies, at various embassies.

At these points you can obtain the following services:

  • Officially validate documents. My phrase “I want to confirm the document/signature/copy” will be “chci ověřit listinu/podpis/kopie”;
  • translate written documents into electronic form and likewise;
  • cancel eRecept (electronic prescription ) and eOčkování (electronic vaccination certificate);
  • remove information about obtaining a certificate of administrative violation and filing an application for the beginning of the administrative process;
  • retrieve and check data from public and non-public information registers (make entries from the Register of Entrepreneurs registered with the Licensing Chamber, from the Commercial Register, from the Registry Register of non-paying enterprises and organizations, Register of criminal records, Cadastre of hearing loss, assessment of water for points, from the Criminal Register);

The mother requires a document to confirm the identity of the person (passport, water certificate and certificate of residence in the Czech Republic), for the need of a power of attorney, a certificate of birth of the child or a decision to the court (from the legal representative ) . Also – pennies to pay for services.

I guess we wrote that the Czech Republic has opened online registration for continued protection. After making an appointment with the MBC department, the status is valid until 30 June 2024.

We also learned what to change for Ukrainians in the Czech Republic. The country is gradually adjusting its support program to encourage Ukrainians to integrate.

Read terms and important information about the war between Russia and Ukraine on the RBC-Ukraine channel in Telegram.

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