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An official from a Kharkov university passed on intelligence data about the city’s defense to the Russians, – SBU

The investigation established that the Russian agent drove around the front-line territory of the region in her own car and secretly photographed the locations of the Defense Forces.

An official of a Kharkov university passed on intelligence information about the city's defense to the Russians, the Security Service of Ukraine reported the detention of an official of a Kharkov university on suspicion of helping the Nazis look for weak points in the city's defenses. </p>
<p>According to the special service, the woman conducted additional reconnaissance at night in the front-line area of ​​the Balakleya region, where she tried to identify and photograph possible locations of the Ukrainian Armed Forces.</p>
<p>According to the investigation, the detainee turned out to be an engineer from one of the technical universities in the region, who helped the invaders obtain intelligence information about the defense of Kharkov. The zone of special attention of the aggressor included air defense bases, fortifications, checkpoints and armored vehicles of the Ukrainian troops. The enemy was also interested in the routes of movement of Ukrainian weapons in the direction of Kupyansk.</p>
<p>The SBU notes that to collect intelligence data, the Russian agent drove around the front-line territory of the region in her own car and secretly photographed the locations of the Defense Forces. She transmitted the information received via messenger to the “connected person” of the Russian special services. He turned out to be a Russian, a militant of the occupation groups of the Southern Military District of the aggressor country, fighting near Kupyansk.</p>
<p>In addition, the woman “leaked” information to the administrator of the Russian Telegram channel, created in December 2022 to collect intelligence information about units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. </p>
<p>Invaders needed information to plan and prepare combat and sabotage and reconnaissance operations in the region. </p>
<p>As the investigation established, the university official began collaborating with the occupiers at the beginning of the full-scale invasion. She came to the “attention” of the Russian intelligence services as an ideological supporter of racism, who in conversations with friends praised the aggressor country and justified missile strikes on Ukraine.</p>
<p>Now Security Service investigators have informed the defendant of suspicion under Part 2 of Art. 114-2 of the Criminal Code of Ukraine (unauthorized dissemination of information about the direction, movement of weapons, weapons and ammunition to Ukraine, movement, movement or deployment of the Armed Forces of Ukraine).</p>
<p>The issue of additional qualification of the criminal actions of the defendant on the facts of high treason is being resolved. and justification of the armed aggression of the Russian Federation.</p>
<p>The attacker is in custody without the right to post bail. She faces life imprisonment.</p>
<p>Recently in the Kharkov region, a factory worker who repaired Russian tanks during the occupation was detained. The investigation also found out that the man “surrendered” local residents who opposed Russian armed aggression.</p>
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