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EDESSB has become the main champion of corruption in the civil society sector: its functionality wants to be expanded

For 4 years, the United State Electronic System in the Sphere of Public Works (EDESSB) has become the main anti-corruption system izhnik in the sphere of locality. The anti-corruption effect of its activity already exceeds 10 billion hryvnia, and the functionality of the e-system in the sphere of public health services is planned to be expanded further.

This was stated by the head of the Verkhovna Rada committee on the organization of state power, local self-government, regional development and city development, a member of the Servant of the People party Olena Shulyak, RBC-Ukraine reports with references to her speech.

Behind these words, EDESSB was created four times for the digitalization of the everyday life sector of Ukraine – so that all processes associated with everyday life were carried out exclusively through it. Previously, Shulyak said, paper documents of the civil sector could be vomited, ruined, and seen by the coming or suppressing mechanisms of their removal. However, with the advent of EDESSB, they were transferred to an online format, which significantly saves hours for the clients and ensures their safe actions – the skin is immediately recorded in the system.

“With the advent of EDESSB, all processes are completed in an online format, the skin is recorded, and any attempts at cheating are immediately noted in the e-system. Moreover, after the first steps, the anti-corruption effect for the entire hour roboti system Digital services in the sphere of everyday life amount to UAH 11.2 billion,” said Shulyak.

At the same time, she noted that at the time of her launch, the transition from paper forms of document management to electronic forms would be extremely difficult for subjects. And now EDESSB has become not less than stellar, but also obov’yazkova,” added Olena Shulyak.

The parliamentarian added that from the start, EDESSB's work has reached her with over 105 thousand registered traders who work for her. These are architects, design engineers, workers of architectural and building control bodies, civil service managers, developers and others. The EDESSB will remove all necessary documents without visiting government authorities. Over the years, EDESSB has provided up to 163 thousand such services through “Diya”. And during the entire period of the system’s inception, the active service in CNAPs amounted to approximately 300 thousand times.

Zokrema, Shulyak noted, through EDESSB 65.5 thousand local minds have already been seen and the exchange is one of the most important Our documents for the beginning of the design great objects of everyday life, such as residential complexes, manufacturing plants, office centers, bridges.

In this case, the greatest achievement has been made by both the forgotten people and the people who will have private living quarters – a change in the terms of reviewing applications for the purpose of promoting the evilness of the view. The State Inspectorate of Architecture and Construction (DIAM) immediately reviews applications for the beginning of construction for a period of 24 years. Previously, before the approval of the European Social Security Service and the State Duma, these documents could take up to 6 months to be reviewed.

In line with the EDESSB, we requested a functionality that allows forgetters to register a special language right (SMP) in the State Register of Speech Rights on a Non-Russian Language (DRRP). The primary registration has become automatic – without the participation of a state registrar.

“Currently, there are already more than 50 applications about the process on the EDESSB portal for deputy assistants. In addition, the correspondent e-systems have begun to submit reports і creation of documents necessary for registration of SMP “close to 100 public health facilities. As part of the testing of the automatic first-time registration of the NSR, a dozen public health facilities have already been registered,” said Olena Shulyak.

Another important functionality of the EDESSB is the electronic office of the National Agency for the Prevention of Corruption (NAZK). Through this new agency, it will be possible to deny access to data entered into the Register of Business Activities of the electronic system. Also, representatives of the NAZK will be able to extract statistics from the objects and communicate with the electronic system accountants, the holder and the technical administrator.

Shulyak also added that within the framework of the approval of the “Sovereign Anti-Corruption Program for 2023-2025” until 2025, it is necessary to integrate all local documentation into the EDESSB.

The People's Deputy stressed that the obligations of administrative staff through the EDESSB are gradually increasing. In the first quarter of 2024, the increase in administrative service obligations is equal to the same period last year, amounting to an average of 20-40%. They also plan to expand the functionality of the e-system further.

The next steps in the expanded functionality of EDESSB include the following:

  • Starting the automatic generation of permissions for objects of the inheritance class CC2 and CC3 for the minds, as necessary The news will be published in national In electronic information resources, the information submitted by the deputy has been successfully verified;
  • Introducing automatic blocking of positive examination of project documentation that has not been verified in the system.

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