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In the Kharkov region, the list of settlements where evacuation is carried out will be expanded

161 children live in the villages where families with children will be forced to evacuate.

Evacuation of people from the Kharkov region (archive photo)

In the Kharkov region, they are planning to carry out a forced evacuation of families with children from 18 villages of the Velikoburluk and Olkhuvat communities.

This was reported by the head of the Kharkov Regional Police Department Oleg Sinegubov.

“Families with 161 children now live there. Every day they risk their lives, because the Russians use the entire arsenal of weapons: artillery, UAVs, mortars, aviation,” wrote Sinegubov.

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He added that at 57 1082 children live in the settlements of Velikoburlukskaya, Olkhovatskaya, Kondrashovskaya, Kurilovskaya communities. Mandatory evacuation is planned for them.

The head of the Regional Police Department assured that the authorities are helping to evacuate, and about 20 volunteer organizations of the regional coordination center have been involved for this purpose.

Over the entire period, 28,329 people, including 869 children, moved to safer conditions. Since the beginning of this year – one and a half thousand people, of which 140 are children.

“OVA, volunteers, international organizations provide assistance, support, housing for the first time and more,” Sinegubov emphasized.

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