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Occupiers are trying to force an offensive near Avdiivka: ISW maps

At the front, positional battles are underway for the first march from Kup'yanska to Bakhmuts to whom directly, in areas of Robotiny and Verbovoy. The Russian occupiers are trying to expand their offensive at the entrance to Avdiivka, little bits have reached near Kreminna and little success has been achieved for Krynok.

RBC-Ukraine reports about this, relying on the name of the Institute of Vivchen nya viyni (ISW).

Meeting of Ukraine. Operation No. 1 – Lugansk region

The military forces of the Russian Federation recently moved in near Kreminna to continue the positional battles along the line Kup'yansk – Svatove – Kreminna 2 Bereznya. Geolocation frames, published on the 1st and 2nd February, show that the smokers recently emerged on the way out of Terniv (on the way out of Kreminna) and in the afternoon from Bilogorivka.

Positional battles began to descend from Kup'yanska in the area of ​​Sinkivka, Lake Liman and Petropavlovka; for the day's gathering in Kup'yanskaya Bilya of Tabaivka; at the entrance from Kreminna Biel, Yampolivka and Terniv; and on the day from the Creamery of Bilogorivka.

Operation No. 2 – Donetsk region

It appears that the 2nd military forces of the Russian Federation have emerged near Bakhmut, but there have been no confirmations of changes to the front line in that area. Russian “military anchors” confirmed that the Russian Federation troops had reached Ivanivske (on the way to Bakhmut), but ISW experts did not find any visual confirmation of this assertion.

Positional military operations were concerned about an early descent from Bakhmut in the Rozdolivka area, on daytime sunset from Bakhmut in the area of ​​Bogdanivka, daytime sunset from Bakhmut in the area of ​​Klishchivka and Andriivka and daytime sunset from Bakhmut in the area of ​​Pivdenny.

The Russian Federation troops recently moved near Avdiivka. Geolocation frames, published on 1st and 2nd February, show that the interventions have opened in the central and similar Orlivtsia (at the entrance to Avdiivka). Geolocation footage, published on February 2, shows that the Russian military was also advancing in Tonenka (on the way to Avdiivka).

The Russian “military correspondent” confirmed that the Russian Federation military forces have completely suppressed the Defense Forces from the settlement. Thinly, other Russian bloggers have repeated statements about those that the Russian occupiers controlled the settlements. Russian “military anchors” also confirmed that the Russian Federation troops had reached near Stepovoy (on the daytime approach from Avdiivka), Novobakhmutivka (on the daytime approach from Avdiivka) and Nevelskogo (on a daily approach from Avdiivka), but ISW analysts did not find any visual confirmation of these assertions.

Positional battles began a daylight approach from Avdiivka in the areas of Novobakhmutivka, Berdychiv, Semenivka and Stepovoy; at the entrance from Avdiivka Belya Tonenkogo; for a daily sunset from Avdiivka, Vodyanoy, Nevelsky and Pervomaiskogo.

The head commander of the ZSU, Colonel-General Oleksandr Sirsky, stated that the Ukrainian army carried out a rotation of units of the brigade, which fought on two fronts in a similar direction, and transferred them to the area for renewal.

It appears that the Russian military command is receiving additional elements before offensive operations to enter Avdiivka, which also indicates that the Russian military may intend to continue its efforts , so that the yakomaga can reach out, first the lower ZSU to create a defense, It’s important to break through, go to the star.

Ukrainian military observer Kostyantin Mashovets stated that the military command of the Russian Federation sent units of the 74th Guards Motorized Rifle Brigade directly to Lastochkina-Tonenka from the reserve. He also said that Moscow will most likely transfer part of the 348th motorized rifle regiment to Berdichivsky or Novobakhmutivsky directly in the near future. Having identified Mashovets, the 348th Motorized Rifle Regiment was recently assembled near Gorlivka (on the day of the departure from Avdiivka) after repairs and restoration.

ISW has an order It is possible that analysts have warned about the attack of elements of the 90th tank divisions near Avdiyivka during the Russian invasion of the settlement in the middle of the city, but there was no warning about their attack on the entry and exit from the settlement.

2nd positional combat operations continued to enter and exit Donetsk, and there were no confirmed changes in the front line in that area. Positional combat operations took place on the approach to Donetsk in the area of ​​Krasnogorivka and Georgiyivka and on the day of entry from Donetsk in the area of ​​Pobeda and Novomikhaylivka.

Russian “military anchors” asserted that the Russian Federation troops had reached out near Novomikhaylivka, Georgiyivka and Krasnogorivka, but ISW did not find any visual confirmation of their assertion. A Russian blogger stated that Ukrainian mine fields entering Donetsk will complicate the offensive operations of the Russian military.

2 positions in the administrative cordon of Donetsk and Zaporizhzhya regions were plagued by positional combat operations, but there were no confirmations of changes on the line of closure. The ZSU General Staff stated that the Russian military unsuccessfully attacked near Urozhainy (today near Velyka Novosilka). The Russian authorities confirmed that the Russian Federation forces had almost reached Marthopolis (as of today’s approach to Velikaya Novosilka) and Gulyaipolya, but the ISW did not find any visual confirmation of this statement.

“Pivdenna all”

On the 2nd of February there were positional battles at the entrance of the Zaporizhzhya region in the area of ​​Robotiny and Verbovoy (towards the end of Robotiny). Following the ties with the Kremlin, the Russian “military correspondent” confirmed that there would be a calm near Robotiny, and the General Staff of the ZSU only reported about one nearby attack by Russians in this area.

The Russian Federation troops recently achieved minor successes near Kryny during three important positional battles on the similar (left) birch of the Kherson region. Geolocation footage, published on 2 February, shows that the firemen recently achieved minor successes at Krinka.

Situation at the front

I guess, according to the General Staff of the ZSU, the 2nd war was launched last night, and 70 combat battles were completed at the front. It was assumed that the Russian occupiers continued to attack the positions of the Defense Forces at low direct speeds.

It is clear that yesterday the army commanders were told that ZSU fighters had liquidated another 960 Russians in the past of all interventionists, as well as the Defense Forces have lost another Letak enemy. Thus, the hidden waste of the Russian army in a special warehouse since the beginning of the large-scale invasion of our country has already accumulated nearly 415,640 soldiers.

Previously, it was reported that the defense forces knocked down the gates from Orlivka and Krasnogorivka at the gathering of Ukraine.

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