• 20/07/2024 17:33

Shulyak: it is possible to use a housing certificate in a mortgage loan

Parliament praised bill No. 10208 at the first reading, which reveals the possibility of making a living certificates as part of the payment at the program of affordable mortgage lending “Eoselya”.

RBC-Ukraine reports about this from the submissions to the sponsor of the bill, the head of the Verkhovna Rada committee for the nutrition of the organization of sovereign power, local self-government, the head of the “Servant of the People” party “Olen Shulyak.< /p>

“Nowadays, a person, in which they have built a home, independently selects a place of residence, if they want their mother to have their new home, their new home. A person independently selects the type of their home. You can buy an apartment on the resale market. future awakenings And, of course, we give the opportunity so that a person can obtain his/her living certificate in order to invest in the primary integrity and with this new law, with the new changes, we also give the opportunity “Value the housing certificate in the mortgage program of Oselya,” said Olena Shulyak .

The people's deputy explained that life certificates can be revoked as the first great contribution, in order to then be taken away under the song of the polgovi vysotka.

“Military service members and their families are subject to a preferential rate of 3%. We know that all other communities, all categories of people can receive a preferential rate of 7%. And of course, we How can powers now respectfully encourage their people, as lost their lives. And all in order for them to be lost in Ukraine, they worked in Ukraine, created jobs here, paid taxes. We remember that all the taxes that Ukrainian business pays today, go to finance the Armed Forces of Ukraine. And the money that our international partners give us cannot be used for the army. Ukrainian donations to Ukrainian enterprises are exactly what is required to support our army, our military,” – Shulyak summarized.

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