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The invaders attacked Kharkov. There is a victim

The wounded man is 19 years old and is in the hospital.

Consequences of the shelling of the Kharkov region, illustrative photo

In the evening, an explosion was heard on the outskirts of Kharkov. Due to the Russian attack, a civilian was injured – a 19-year-old man was wounded in the legs.

This was reported by the mayor of the city, Igor Terekhov, and later by the head of the OVA, Oleg Sinegubov.

“An explosion was heard in Kharkov. Previously – on the outskirts of the city. According to information that requires clarification, there is at least one casualty,” Terekhov wrote at 20.52.

Sinegubov clarified that a 19-year-old civilian man was injured and was hospitalized in a medical facility, where doctors are providing all the necessary assistance.

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