• 20/04/2024 15:08

The Monobank robot has become faulty

The Monobank supplement is unstable and shows a reward at the time of entry or at the time of departure operations.

RBC-Ukraine informs about this with a message to the Monobank support service on Telegram.

The supplement shows a reward at the time of entry and this operation. Operators of the support service wrote that the bank's pharmacists are looking for food.

“There are difficulties in working with a mobile phone, and the connection with them can be more closely matched don't boast, be kind, don't food is already in the work of our fakhivts. It is reasonable!”, – they confirmed in support.

The supplement shows a meal

Problems with the Monobank robot

We previously reported that at the beginning of 2024 there was a problem with the Monobank robot program. Clients could not log in and quickly provide services to the bank.

Also, Monobank suffered a massive cyber attack in early 2023. The Fahians succeeded in defeating them.

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