• 19/07/2024 05:17

The Russian army uses ball fragmentation bombs to shell the Sumy region

The enemy remotely replaced them with fragmentation bombs of the SHOAB-0.5 type.

SHOAB-0.5 bombs, Sumy region

In the north of the Sumy region, the Russians used dangerous ammunition – ball fragmentation bombs SHOAB-0.5.

The press service of the National Police of Ukraine reports this.

According to the police, the Russians remotely mined the area in the Shostkinsky district, namely near the village of Marchikhina Buda.

“Russian aviation used RBK-500 cluster bombs when carrying out airstrikes. One such cluster contains 565 SHOAB-0.5 ball aerial bombs weighing 400 grams each and has a large destruction zone,” the report says.

Igor Chernyak, head of the explosives department of the GUNP in the Sumy region, said that in appearance this object looks like a small silver ball with small “ribs” protruding from the body.


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