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The Russians are attacking Ukraine with “Shaheds”. In the lower regions there is a sound of alarm

The Russian military launched Shahed-type drones across Ukraine. In the lower and central regions, a great alarm is heard.

RBC-Ukraine reports about this with the deployment of ZSU forces in the region.

The first wave of drones of the military aggressor was launched around 23:00 in Tuesday, 2nd quarter. The drones crashed from the immediately occupied areas of the Zaporizhka region near the direction of entry.

This year, one group of UAVs crashed near the approach direction between the Zaporizka and Dnipropetrovsk regions, and the other headed from Dnipropetrovsk to Kharkiv region.

At around 0:24, the Russians launched a new group of drones from Kherson directly to the Mykolayiv region. UAVs are crashing in the direction of the Kirovograd region.

UAVs are crashing in the direction of the Poltava and Kirovograd regions. Also, the UAVs are marked near the Mykolayiv region, crashing towards the Kirovograd region.

About 1:23 Government forces reported that the drones are crashing from the Kirovograd and Poltava regions towards Cherkas which region.

We will stand on 1:30, the map of current worries looks like this:

Shelling of Ukraine

On the night of the 2nd quarter, the Russians launched 10 Shahed-type attack UAVs from the Crimean Missa Chauda. During the attack, one of the drones damaged an energy facility near the Kirovograd region. In addition, the Ukrenergo substation and high-voltage line were damaged.

On the 2nd quarter of the year, the Russians hit the Dnieper with a ceramic aircraft missile. Civilians were injured as a result of the shelling.

Read terms and important information about Russia’s war against Ukraine on theRBC-Ukraine Telegram channel.

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