• 20/04/2024 03:28

Tokyo will have to wait until after missile strikes: details

The city government of Tokyo was created in the city's underground antechamber. They are about to seize the capital's citizens from missile attacks.

RBC-Ukraine reports about this from its envoys to Yomiuri.

The local government plans to create 56 thousand safe places to protect the population in the event of an attack. If the attacks continue or become more intense, these places may be renewed and will not be able to ensure the safety of all people.

In addition to water and grub products, the stinks will be equipped with ventilation equipment, etc. in the event of an electrical emergency, with special connections just to ensure the possibility of a trivial reboot.

The fragments of the everyday life of the underground syntheses cost hundreds of millions of yen and they will be easily installed throughout Tokyo, the metropolitan area is confident that the private sector is so we can develop underground lintels, for example, by installing underground spaces , which can be seen as a convergence, if they are awakened.

The existence of underground sluices on the Tokyo road and they will be easily installed throughout the capital., The order is confident that the private sector is additional Can anyone have food? For example, companies may have underground spaces in their huts, which can be used to protect the huts in the event of an attack.

Japan's bomb shelter program

Previously, we reported that Japan is planning to There will be bombshells for the Okinawa locals in the wake of the military conflict near Taiwan .

Tokyo reacted after the mayors of local municipalities asked for the order to protect the burghers from possible military activities near Taiwan.

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