• 12/06/2024 11:52

Trump would like to avoid resolving the issue of aid to Ukraine

The Republican believes that 9 months is a long enough period for war and politics.

Trump would like to avoid resolving the issue of assistance to Ukraine

Donald Trump hopes that by the time he is re-elected as President of the United States, there will be no need to resolve the issue of military assistance to Ukraine.

In an interview with the Fox News channel, the Republican said that he will get into the Oval Office in more than 9 months – and this, they say, is “an eternity for war and politics.”

Trump also once again assured that, given his presidency, Russia would not have decided to invade: “I would have agreed. I don’t even know if it was necessary to negotiate, because they would not have attacked. If they had “We had a real leader, Putin would not have done this. When I was president, he did not do this, and there was not even a threat that he would do it.” (The war in Ukraine continued throughout Donald Trump’s tenure – ed.)

The Republican believes that he could have prevented the death and destruction brought by the war: “If I were president, all these people would be living in cities.” , and these beautiful golden domes that are a thousand years old. This culture cannot be replaced, it is a terrible situation.”


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