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What will happen to food prices in Bereznya: how to check for price increases

The availability of the main living goods in birch will become stable. However, the already unsurprising prices for low products may please those living in the area. Until then, the first harvest from Ukrainian greenhouses will appear.

RBC-Ukraine reports on the situation with food prices and what to watch in the near future.

During the preparation of the material, the following were used: comments from the analyst of the Ukrainian Agricultural Business Club Maxim Gopka, research on the marketing of the wholesale market of agricultural products “Shuvar” Tetyana Popovich, macroeconomic and monetary NBU overview, data from the Ministry of Finance portal and the network of supermarkets ATB, Silpo, Fora, Novus, Varus.


  • Variety of birch products
  • How spring prices change
  • Greenhouse season. When the first harvest appears

Variety of birch products

The availability of products at the beginning of spring may vary depending on a variety of factors. Among the main reasons are seasonality, changes in supplies, proliferation and inflation.

According to the opinion of the analyst of the Ukrainian Club of Agricultural Business (UCAB) Maxim Gopka, prices will be remarkably stable in the winter, with minor collisions.

By the way, the increase in live prices is continuing in Ukraine since then. According to the data of the macroeconomic survey of the National Bank, which revealed the evidence of a greater propensity for grub products in the minds of warm weather, the effect of significant crops of the past and the reorientation of nearby food producers (it appears , milk) to the domestic market.

Water hour The NBU noted that over the past month, the supply of acidic products (fruit juice and vegetables, borscht set) has been shortened, greenhouse products (tomatoes) have become expensive, having changed from imports from Poland (hard cheese, fermented milk for products), which fueled inflation.

Spring prices are changing

In the coming months you may notice price changes for dairy products and eggs.

As confirmed by the commentary of the UCAB analyst, prices for eggs today are on the same level with minor changes of 2-3 UAH (on average, prices for eggs on the cob are 59-62 UAH/10 I Yes ). However, already in the grass there is a seasonal decrease in varosti.

Screenshot atbmarket.com

In Ukrainian supermarkets, chicken eggs can be purchased cheapest in ATB – at a price of 38 UAH/dozen (category 1), in Silpo eggs of the first category cost 53.49 UAH, and products of the first category CB – 73.49 g rn/10 eggs.

Also, closer to the end of spring, prices for dairy products will please. Purchasing prices for raw milk have remained stable for 2 months now. However, closer to the summer, there will be a change in prices, both purchase prices for milk and end prices for dairy products for the living.

Narazi milk is pasteurized 2.5% fat in koshtuya stores:

  • “Farm” plyashka 840 g – 43.9 UAH, “Yagotynske” – 43.7 UAH (Varus cut)
  • “Galicia” dance 870 g – 38.9 UAH, “Prostonashe” – 46.29 UAH (Silpo cut)

Screenshot shop.silpo.ua

Maxim Gopka It seems that vegetables will be trimmed in price at a later date, so there will also be a decrease in the grass if there is more greenhouse production outside the border. ham virobniki.

According to the analyst, potato prices will remain at a high level until the first harvest appears.

Significantly, the yield of potatoes sets records, as if they were equal to that of the past. According to monitoring data from the Ministry of Finance portal, as of January 1, 2023, potato yield was 10.1 UAH/kg. Birch potatoes cost 24.89 UAH/kg at Forya, 21.89 UAH/kg at ATB, 21.9 UAH/kg at Varus.

Screenshot shop.fora.ua

However, in Berezny, prices for potatoes still decreased compared to 2024. As indicated by the marketing of the wholesale market of agricultural products “Shuvar” by Tetyana Popovich, the camp on the cob of the month at the herd potato market cost 1 3-16 UAH/kg, which is 30% cheaper than in the summer of 2024.

The decrease in stock was due to the increased market position, and some farmers, who were holding sales at high prices, began to sell their stocks through the reduced rate. potato bones saved.

Tetyana Popovich predicted cheaper prices for potatoes in the range of 7-10%, as well as greenhouse vegetables.

Greenhouse season. When the first harvest appears

The season of greenhouse products in Ukraine can vary depending on the weather and the type of crops that grow.

For example, the season of greenhouse garden soot in Ukraine begins around kvitny, said Tetyana Popovich. However, the market recovered two years later in 2022 through the uncharacteristically cold first half of spring.

The first batches of fruits from the western regions of Ukraine appear on the market at high prices, which may then decrease due to increased yields and availability of products.

Photo: berry season begins in the morning (Getty Images)

Kerivnytsia contributed to the marketing of the “Shuvar” market and revealed that the peculiarity of greenhouse products in Ukraine is that it is the harvest season and product prices are significantly dependent on weather conditions, which can cause damage Anna in growth or, perhaps, speed up the release of products to market.

In addition, in the minds of colder or more insensitive weather minds, it may be more important for farmers to plan for the production and harvest of crops, which affects the availability and prices of greenhouse products.

“We will enter the season orientated from the end of the summer, so we will add more to the assortment of greenhouses as soon as possible”, summarized Tetyana Popovich.

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