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Four NATO countries are a desirable goal: the media told where Putin wants to open the next front

ByJohn Newman

Apr 2, 2024

Kremlin dictator Vladimir Putin wants to open a new front in the Balkans after Ukraine, in particular the Russian leader is interested in the four NATO member states in this region.

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Four NATO countries – desired goal: the media told where Putin wants to open the next front

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Former NATO Supreme Commander James Stavridis, in a material for Bloomberg, notes that in the event of Ukraine’s defeat in the war with the Russian Federation, it would be logical for the head of the Kremlin to pay attention to Moldova, on whose territory he created a pseudo-republic, informs “ MFN.”

According to a retired US Navy admiral, there is another desired target for the dictator – the Western Balkans, in particular the four member states of the Alliance: North Macedonia, Croatia, Montenegro and Albania. Also potential targets for Putin, as he clarified, are Serbia, Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Stavridis noted that the Russian leader believes that with the opening of the front in the Balkans, he will be able to expand the influence of his country and undermine the interaction of the North Atlantic Alliance and European Union. NATO's intervention in maintaining order in this region, as the head of the Russian Federation expects, will divert the attention of members of the bloc from helping Ukraine.

Earlier, Budanov said that after his “re-election” as President of Russia, Putin will focus on the confrontation with NATO countries .


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