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The Commander of the Ground Forces commented on the situation at the front: what do the Ukrainian Armed Forces need most?

ByJohn Newman

Feb 19, 2024

Commander of the Ground Forces of the Ukrainian Armed Forces Alexander Pavlyuk spoke about the situation at the front, declaring that the war has entered another phase. The lieutenant general also spoke about what the Defense Forces need most now.

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The Commander of the Ground Forces commented on the situation at the front: what the Armed Forces of Ukraine need most

Photo – unian.net

The military leader gave an interview to Radio Liberty a few days before his appointment as commander of the Ground Forces. Pavlyuk spoke about the situation at the front and the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, NBN reports.

According to the general, Ukraine’s war against Russian invaders is moving into another phase – where drones are fighting, but without people there will be no real action and success in battlefield. Despite the active use of UAVs, soldiers need to enter enemy positions and eliminate the invaders.

Pavlyuk clarified that in the last months of hostilities, approximately 70% of enemy targets were destroyed by drones, while the Ukrainian Armed Forces are in dire need of ammunition. In addition, the Defense Forces need air defense and artillery equipment.

The military leader noted that the defenders have a lot of requests, but the state cannot provide them all, since this depends not only on the capabilities of Ukraine, but also its allies.

Recall that head of state Vladimir Zelensky explained that the withdrawal of troops from Avdiivka is associated with a weakening of military assistance from partners, in particular the United States. According to the Ukrainian leader, the White House recognizes this.


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