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The EU is ready for radical action if Orban continues to block aid to Ukraine – media

ByJohn Newman

Jan 23, 2024

The European Union is determined to allocate funds to support Ukraine, despite the veto of the representative of Budapest. The media report that the organization's government is ready to react harshly if the head of the Hungarian government, Viktor Orban, continues to disrupt support for Kiev.

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The EU is ready for radical action if Orban continues to block aid to Ukraine - media

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Bloomberg, citing sources in the EU government, reported that member states of the organization are ready to allocate funding to support Ukraine at the summit in Brussels on February 1, regardless of the support of the Hungarian leadership, NBN reports.

According to media interlocutors, preparations for the adoption of a package of military assistance to Kiev are already well advanced. The EU plan is for members to provide funds outside the EU budget process.

Journalists write that if the Hungarian prime minister continues to block funding for Kyiv, the EU government will move to the next stage of punitive measures against Budapest. In this case, Orban may lose his voting rights in the organization.

The material notes that against the backdrop of such decisions by the leadership of the European Union, widespread clashes may begin, taking into account the statements of the head of the Slovak government, Robert Fico. The politician warned that he would protect Budapest from any unfavorable steps by the EU, which would allegedly prevent Hungary from exercising its rights in the organization.

Recall that Orban’s chief of staff said that the EU and the Hungarian authorities are unlikely to agree on 50 billion euros to help Ukraine.


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