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2024 is the year of karma: what does it mean?

Ukrainian spiritual practitioner Angelica from the blog “Your future is now” revealed the secret of the coming of 2024, declaring it the year of Karma. Should we tremble with fear? Fortunately, no! Angelica emphasized that karma is not just a transformation, but also an opportunity to receive a well-deserved reward for one’s actions, writes WomanEL.

What awaits us in 2024?

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Positive Karma: If you have lived a positive life and worked hard on yourself, expect significant rewards. The year will promote those who developed positive qualities and bestowed goodness on those around them.

Transformational Lessons: Those who have not actively lived by karma may undergo transformational challenges. This does not mean punishment, but it will create the opportunity to quickly change the negative aspects of life.

Balance with the Earth:The changing vibrations of the Earth require us to balance. 2024 is a time of alignment with the energies of the planet.

Living with justice: This year, each of us will face our own processes, adapting to changes in the energy field. The main task is to live fairly, give and take in equal parts. View the choices you make in terms of their impact on others. Try to distribute your energies and resources evenly.

Give and receive:The eighth lasso of Justice, responsible for this year, promises the return of what you have deserved over the past 8 years. This is a time of balance, where the world will come into harmony.

In 2024, karma took over. Source: medium.com

Those who have the 8th major arcana do not need to worry that karma will severely punish you. On the contrary, your karma is already instantaneous, you have already worked through a lot, so don’t push yourself too hard, the blogger noted.

Arcanum is a numerical symbol associated with the date of birth. Knowing the date, you can find your lasso and reveal its secrets. It indicates your main traits, as well as what challenges and opportunities may appear in your life.

The calculation of a personal lasso is quite simple and occurs in several stages. Let's consider the calculation algorithm using the example of the date of birth March 10, 1999.

Calculating the sum of numbers:

  • Day: 10
  • Month (March): 3
  • Year: 1+9+9+9=28
  • Amount: 10+3+28=41
  • Subtract 22 if the sum is greater than 22.

Since the resulting value of 41 is greater than 22, subtract 22 from it:

41 – 22 = 19

Thus, this person’s personal arcana is 19.

Angelica encourages everyone to personal development and the creation of positive karma. The overall result is that 2024 promises to be a period of rewards and self-improvement. Let this information inspire everyone, first of all, to become better spiritually, give good, and make the world a better place for all of us.

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