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Tina Karol surprised with acrobatic movement

Ukrainian diva and recognized singer Tina Karol amazed her fans not only with her magical voice and energy on stage, but also with her amazing yoga style. Having recently returned from a vacation in the Carpathians, the star decided to answer many questions from fans who are interested in the secrets of her always spectacular appearance and unconditional energy, writes WomanEL.

On her Instagram page, Tina revealed the secret of her good health and a slim figure lies in systematic yoga classes. However, she chose not just yoga, but a difficult and endurance style – Ashtanga yoga. This direction is characterized by physical complexity and requires practitioners to have a certain flexibility, endurance and physical strength. The photo shows a celebrity performing the difficult position of her favorite spiritual sport.

Olya Polyakova's daughter appeared pregnant What 4 emotions cause wrinkles Tina Karol amazed fans with complex yoga. Source: instagram.com/tina_karol

Not only the usual positions, but also standing on nails, which Tina has mastered, testifies to how devoted she is to yoga and strengthens her will. The artist herself emphasized the importance of positive thinking, which plays an important role in achieving harmony and health.

Thus, Tina Karol not only wins hearts with her music, but also inspires her fans to a healthy lifestyle and positive thinking through complex yoga .

By the way, Tina Karol was recently spotted hugging a famous dancer.

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