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State Border Guard Service on the departure of men with many children from Ukraine: not prohibited, but documents may be required

 ГПСУ о выезде многодетных мужчин из Украины: не запрещено, но могут требовать документы

Photo: Are men with many children allowed to leave Ukraine (Getty Images) Author: Dmitry Levitsky
Expert: Andrey Demchenko

It is not prohibited for men with many children to travel abroad. But border guards may require documents confirming a deferment from mobilization for verification.

Representative of the State Border Service Andrey Demchenko said this in a commentary to RBC-Ukraine.

“In addition to the persons who are clearly stated in the paragraphs of the Rules, clause 2.6 determines that in the event of martial law being introduced on the territory of Ukraine, other persons liable for military service who are not subject to conscription during mobilization also have the right to cross the state border. These persons liable for military service This also includes men who support three or more children under the age of 18,” Demchenko explained.

However, according to him, border guards have repeatedly identified forgery of documents related to fatherhood of many children, so they can additionally check this condition for the departure of men.

“Given that we have repeatedly discovered forgeries of documents related to fatherhood of many children, our inspectors can check this condition for the departure of men, in particular, using documents from territorial recruitment centers. These could be extracts from the TCC protocol on the decision made to postpone or a record of deferment in military registration documents ,” added the speaker of the State Border Guard Service.

Men traveling abroad

Let us remind you that during martial law, the departure of men liable for military service from Ukraine is prohibited, but there are a number of exceptions. In particular, people with many children and men with disabilities can leave Ukraine. According to the State Border Service, about six thousand men liable for military service leave Ukraine every day, but most of this number are truck and bus drivers.

However, yesterday information appeared on social networks about difficulties in leaving Ukraine for men with the third group of disabilities and their accompanying persons. It was also reported that men with many children are not allowed to leave Ukraine.

In a commentary to RBC-Ukraine yesterday, the speaker of the State Tax Service said that the rules for departure remain unchanged, but border guards can carefully study documents that would provide grounds for departure.

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