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Tesla robot attacked and injured a company engineer

 Робот Tesla напал на инженера компании и ранил его

Illustrative photo: a Tesla robot attacked and injured a company engineer (GettyImages) Author: Vladislav Priymenko

In Texas, a Tesla robot attacked and injured an engineer.

This was reported by RBC-Ukraine with reference to the Daily Mail.

The robot attacked a man who was working on the software of two Tesla robots at the time. He pinned the man down and then grabbed him in the back and arm with metal claws. There was a “blood trail” left on the surface of the plant. Plant employees had to press the emergency shutdown button.

A 2021 injury report filed with Travis County and federal regulators found that an incident at a Tesla plant left a man with an open wound on his left arm. Also, according to the source, in 2022, every twenty-first employee was injured at work

Tesla did not report any robot-related injuries at its Texas plant in 2021 and 2022. However, the incident has drawn attention to growing concerns about the safety of automated robots in the workplace.

Problems with Tesla

Earlier it became known that Tesla recalled more than 2 million cars due to a faulty autopilot. This is the largest recall in the automaker's history.

We also wrote that a Tesla car on autopilot crashed into a parked truck.

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