Open Letter to the US Ambassador to New Zealand

by George Hayduke

US Ambassador
US Embassy
29 Fitzherbert Terrace
P.O. Box 1190
Wellington, NZ

Dear Ambassador Swindells,

We, The New Zealand Citizens Weapon Inspection Team, request information concerning USA installations on New Zealand territory regarding weapons of mass destruction and their support systems owned or operated by the United States of America.

The deadline for receiving all information requested as outlined below is January 25, 2003.

We have selected your country as our first priority based on criteria provided by the Bush administration.

According to those criteria, the most dangerous states are those run by leaders who: have massive stockpiles of chemical, biological and nuclear weapons; ignore due process at the United Nations; refuse to sign and honour international treaties; and have come to power through undemocratic means.

The current US administration fulfils all these criteria. The NZCWIT is demanding that you provide us with immediate and unfettered access to sites and all relevant information regarding weapons of mass destruction and their support systems. We expect full support by U.S. embassy staff to aid inspections.

Specifically we want information on nuclear, chemical and biological weapons of mass destruction in any of the US territories within the sovereign boundaries of Aotearoa/New Zealand (including embassies, military bases, communication installations, private US based corporations etc.) as well as information on when and how these weapons have been deployed in the past.

Additionally we request information on any facilities under the control (directly or indirectly) of the United States government situated within the legal boundaries of Aoteraroa/New Zealand that have potential to aid (logistically, financially etc.) the production of such weapon systems.

In the spirit of openness that is currently being urged upon other countries to comply with such demands, we are asking you to fully co-operate and send us the required information regarding weapons of mass destruction.

The inspection will take place on February 2nd, 2003 (11am). The NZWIT are representatives of the New Zealand citizenry, compelled to seek out possible war crimes and crimes against humanity as defined by international law. Not to do so would constitute complicity in U.S. war crimes. We thank you for your co-operation.

George Hayduke is Chief Inspector of NZCWIT (New Zealand Citizen Weapon Inspectors).

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This story was published on February 10, 2003.