• 19/04/2024 10:47

Autogas fell in price by almost 2.5 hryvnia in a month

Car gas in gas station networks in January fell in price by UAH 2.45, or 8.2%, to UAH 27.38/l. This is reported by enkorr with a link to market price monitoring data from the A-95 Consulting Group.

Avtogas fell in price by almost 2.5 hryvnia over the month

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In particular, at stations of the OKKO and WOG networks, autogas fell in price by UAH 1.33 and UAH 1.38, to UAH 29.16/l and UAH 29.11/l, respectively.

On At stations of the state network “Ukrnafta” autogas costs 26.4 UAH/l – the price has fallen by 3.5 UAH/l.

At KLO and UPG stations this type of fuel has fallen in price by 2.6 UAH and 1.21 UAH, up to 27.69 UAH/l and 28.03 UAH/l, respectively.

The cost of autogas crossed the limit of less than 26 UAH/l in discounter chains. The cheapest autogas costs are at Green Wave, Marshal, Luxwen and Avantage 7 – 25.60−25.95 UAH/l.


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