• 28/05/2024 19:01

Kraken launched its own crypto wallet

Cryptocurrency exchange Kraken has launched its own crypto wallet, Kraken Wallet. This was reported by the company's press service.

Kraken launched its own crypto wallet

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Company representatives said that this product is the first crypto wallet of a large international exchange with open source code. Thus, developers will be able to make their own changes if they wish, contributing to its further development, Kraken noted.

In the first couple of days, the wallet will support eight different networks. Among them are the following blockchains:

    bitcoin; Ethereum; Arbitrum; Base; Solana; Dogecoin; Optimism; Polygon.

In the future, the company plans to increase the number of supported networks.

It is worth noting that Kraken Wallet is available for iOS users.

Kraken stated that the company will collect a minimum the amount of data associated with the use of the wallet. All information is transmitted through the exchange’s own infrastructure, which makes it impossible to interfere from the outside in the operation of the product, the company emphasized.


The “Ministry of Finance” wrote that in February 2024, the Kraken cryptocurrency exchange received a license in the Netherlands.


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