• 25/07/2024 08:14

New war bonds have appeared in “Diya” – “Bakhchisarai” and “Makeevka”

In the “Diya” application you can purchase new military bonds “Bakhchisarai” and “Makeevka”. This was reported by the press service of the Ministry of Digital Transformation.

New war bonds appeared in

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“Do you want to help the state and bring Ukrainian cities closer to de-occupation? Buy new bonds “Bakhchisaray” and “Makeevka” in a few clicks on your smartphone,” the message says.

What are the rates

    “Bakhchisaray” – rate from 17%, payment date – January 28, 2026. “Makeevka” – rate from 16%, payment date – March 12, 2025.

How to purchase

To purchase government securities, you need to select the appropriate section, select a bond, a partner and the number of securities. After authorization and payment, the bonds will appear in the application within three days.

New war bonds appeared in


Ukrainians have already received more than UAH 94 million in profit from bonds. Hundreds of thousands more security holders will receive funds upon expiration of the deposit period.

    Government Bonds Act


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