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The main thing for Tuesday: The European Parliament supported the creation of a fund for Ukraine, Bitcoin updated the maximum in 2 years

The European Parliament supported the creation of a Ukrainian fund worth 50 billion euros

Today, February 27, At its plenary meeting, the European Parliament supported the decision to create the Ukrainian Fund (Ukraine Facility), an instrument providing for the possibility of Ukraine receiving EU financial and technical assistance in the total amount of 50 billion euros in 2024-2027.

Bitcoin updated its maximum since December 2021 and rose to $57 thousand

The NBU requires banks to strengthen the checks of the insurance company as part of financial monitoring: how this can affect clients

National Bank demanded that banks “carefully examine and evaluate insurers as their clients based on indicators of suspicious financial transactions.” The regulator insists on enhanced financial monitoring of insurance companies by banks in accordance with the basic NBU resolution on financial regulation No. 65.

Privatbank launched direct money transfers from Canada to Ukraine

Ukrainians will be able to receive fast and affordable money transfers from Canada through the PrivatMoney system thanks to the partnership of Privatbank and the Canadian fintech company RemitBee.

NBU continues to print the hryvnia: why inflation is slowing

We print it (hryvnia – ed.) and don’t print it like that anymore first month. I don’t see any tragedy in this, honestly,” Dmitry Natalukha, chairman of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on Economic Development, recently said in an interview with Ukrinform, answering a journalist’s questions about whether Ukraine will print hryvnia to fill the budget if it refuses to tighten the screws business.

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