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A new subject will be introduced into the school curriculum: the Ministry of Education and Science gave details

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In 2025-2026, the Ministry of Education and Science will introduce the subject «Entrepreneurship into the school curriculum for grades 8 and 9 and financial literacy».

This information was reported by Osvita, URA-Inform reports.  

According to the head of the National Bank of Ukraine Andrey Pyshny, the introduction of the subject «Entrepreneurship and financial literacy» into the school curriculum. this is a very important and significant step towards the development of a financially healthy society.

“Soon, annually, approximately 800 thousand students throughout Ukraine will learn to make informed financial decisions, rationally manage money, save, effectively manage their debts, avoid fraud, set financial goals and work to achieve them,” — Pyshny noted.

In turn, Igor Khvorostyan, Director General of the School Education Directorate of the Ministry of Education and Science, noted that the Ministry of Education and Science constantly supports initiatives aimed at increasing the financial literacy of children and youth.

< p>According to the NUS reform, financial literacy is a through line in education from the 1st grade. From childhood, children learn in a playful way to plan purchases, count money, learn that they can save money, that is, put off a purchase for the future, etc., — said Khvorostyany.

He noted that from the 8th grade, schools will be able to introduce a targeted course in financial literacy, which provides for the development of complex topics: interaction with banks, starting a business, securities and the like.

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