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A “portal” to another world has been found: scientists have discovered what lies behind the supervoid of Eridanus

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< h2 class="wp-block-heading">What exactly did scientists find?

This strange formation turned out to be something that aroused the special interest of scientists. Judging by its size, as many as 10,000 galaxies could fit inside, and its temperature was 70% lower than the temperature of the surrounding space. This mysterious phenomenon is called the «Eridanus supervoid».

Discovery history

Astronomers devoted 14 long years to studying this object, and finally, amazing conclusions were made. It turned out that the Eridanus supervoid is a kind of portal to a parallel universe that arose as a result of the supposed collision of our universe with another. At that moment, a hole was formed, representing a transition from one space to another.

An unexpected result

Anatoly Tugai, Associate Professor of the Department of Astronomy and Space Physics KNU named after T.G. Shevchenko, emphasized that the message about the observation of this cold spot and its explanation by the collision of parallel universes is not just a scientific fact, but also a real sensation.

Scientists express the opinion that this discovery may become the first proof of the existence of the multiverse in human history. This concept assumes the presence of a cosmic cavity containing many parallel worlds, including the one in which we ourselves live.

It is surprising that such an idea was first expressed back in 1957 by the American physicist Hugh Everett, defending his dissertation at Princeton University . With the help of complex calculations and experiments, he was able to confirm the theory of multidimensionality.

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