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How to instantly overcome a hangover: a penny spice will help with this

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Almost every home has this spice.

This information was reported by Patrioty, reports “URA” -Inform”.  

After a feast, many people suffer from a hangover in the morning. But a cheap spice, which is also available in almost every home, will help cope with this unpleasant condition. British chef Jamie Oliver spoke about it.

An Indian guru taught him this treatment option. One of the main causes of a hangover is dehydration caused by drinking alcohol. Alcohol is a toxic chemical that is also a diuretic, which removes water from the body and causes dehydration.

And while a greasy breakfast or an ice-cold glass are considered by many to be excellent methods of fighting a hangover, Jamie assures: one cheap ingredient «works» no worse, but even better.

All you need is a teaspoon and a spice that can be easily purchased at the grocery store.

«You just take a teaspoon of cumin and swallow it. This will instantly calm your stomach», — he stated.

This natural remedy really promotes digestion, which helps calm the stomach after a hard night.

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