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Ignat explained Naev’s words about air defense shells: does Ukraine have enough of them to repel attacks

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Yuri Ignat reported this information, reports URA-Inform.  

Speaker of the Air Forces of the Ukrainian Armed Forces Yuriy Ignat noted that the media carried the words of the commander of the Joint Forces of the Ukrainian Armed Forces Sergei Naev that the missiles in the MANPADS are only enough for a few massive attacks from the Russian Federation.

“Well, of course, what’s new here? It has always been like this, last year, in the summer, and now! Partners provide missiles as needed, I would even say, out of urgent need! Of course, anti-aircraft missiles are a scarce commodity for us, both Soviet ones – up to the S-300 and Buk-M1, and Western ones. We do not produce them and constantly receive them from partners from different countries,” he noted.

Ignat explained that if Ukraine deploys warehouses on its territory to store Western anti-aircraft missiles, then they will certainly will become a priority target for the Russian occupiers.

At the same time, he emphasized that nothing extraordinary is happening. The Air Force speaker recalled that the Russian Federation, with such massive attacks, is trying to gradually deplete air defense and force Ukrainian defenders to waste precious ammunition.

However, according to him, the Russians are also wasting expensive missiles, which are sent directly from the assembly line to carriers.< /p>

We recall that it was previously reported how many missiles the Ukrainian Armed Forces have left to repel large-scale attacks by the Russian Federation: Naev made an important admission.

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