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“It could go under water”: the Kiev City Council warned about the danger in the metro with the onset of the spring flood

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The Kiev metro may go under water with the onset of the spring flood.

About this Vitenko reported the information, URA-Inform reports.  

Chairman of the Kyiv City Council Standing Committee on Budget and Socio-Economic Development Andrey Vitenko said that both closed metro stations and functioning “blue” metro stations are under threat. branches.

According to him, the capital’s authorities must prepare for rising water levels in underwater rivers and install the necessary equipment for pumping out water. If this is not done, then «blue» the branch of the Kyiv subway can turn into an analogue of the canal in Venice, and movement between stations will take place by boats and will literally become a shuttle.

«I am very much afraid that those Kiev officials who are responsible for the Kiev metro and for overcoming crisis situations will be unprepared for this (for spring floods, —ed.). And I am very much afraid that the «blue» the metro line could turn into the Venice Canal, which will only be accessible by boat. Because we saw with our own eyes the cracks that exist in the subway tunnels, how water flows there», — Vitenko said.

He noted that  changes in the beds of underground rivers during floods can greatly affect the tunnels of the Kyiv metro.

«I believe that we should prepare for this. The question of the readiness of the Kyiv metro by this time remains open», — the official emphasized.

We recall that it was previously reported that another metro station could be closed: the reason was announced.

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