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Putin warned of new attacks on Ukraine: it became known that the dictator reminded Kyiv

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This information was reported by RBC-Ukraine, citing Russian media, reports URA-Inform .

The above was stated by Russian President Vladimir Putin himself during his visit to the Vishnevsky military hospital on January 1, located near Moscow.

«You probably noted that literally the next day after the shelling of Belgorod, similar attacks were carried out. And, it seems to me, they continue today. Tomorrow, apparently, we will continue to do this», — he emphasized, claiming that we are talking about attacks on military infrastructure.

Putin also claims that the purpose of these attacks is to intimidate Russians and create insecurity within the country.

«We will intensify attacks, no crime against civilians will go unpunished», — concluded by the dictator of the Russian Federation.

Recall that Zelensky commented on calls for negotiations with Putin in the future.

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