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The Russian Federation has chosen a place for a breakthrough: Kovalenko told where the new offensive will begin

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At the moment, we can conclude that the enemy is trying to penetrate the rear of Toretsk. This was stated by military-political expert Alexander Kovalenko.

Details are reported by URA-Inform, citing the YouTube channel “News Factory.”

“After the capture of Ocheretino, there were several possible scenarios for the development of events, and one of them was the north-western direction, involving the advance of the invaders along route 0511. However, at the moment it is clear that the enemy has chosen a different path,” — Kovalenko said.

He added that the Russian military will most likely not advance along the route mentioned above, but will instead try to secure secure flanks in the north and especially in the south.

“In addition, some of their units will likely be reoriented to advance along the M-20 highway to the north”, — noted the military expert.

Thus, the goal of the Russian army is to bypass Toretsk, encircle the Toretsk bridgehead and, in the long term, reach Chasy Yar.

“Therefore, for the Toretsk bridgehead there is a real threat that the Russian offensive will begin right here,” Kovalenko warned.

Let us remind you that on May 9 a lot will be shown in Russia: the media found out which countries’ representatives agreed to visit Moscow.

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