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The sun will destroy life on Earth: scientists have warned how and when this will happen

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This information was reported by The Astrophysical Journal Letters, reports URA-Inform.

What will happen to the Sun?

Over time, it will turn first into a red giant and then into a white dwarf. This process will take lives and change the world. However, scientists claim that there will subsequently be the possibility of new life emerging.

This conclusion was made as a result of a new scientific study. Previous studies have shown that stars with ages comparable to the Sun (approximately 4.59 billion years) or slightly older create more favorable conditions for the formation of life and the development of civilizations on planets.

Will it get worse?

However, over time, this benevolence can turn into an apocalypse when the aging star turns into a red giant, destroying everything around it. When a star's core runs out of hydrogen, it begins to contract, igniting helium, and then expands.

Researchers wondered what would happen after the Sun turned into a red giant and burned everything in its path.

But it's not all bad

In a new study, they provided some details. White dwarfs, due to their lack of stellar winds and stability over billions of years, could be an ideal host for new life if the planets survive the red giant phase and evolve after the star becomes a white dwarf.

Thus, the old ones stars and white dwarfs are of interest for study as potential sources of life, despite the evolution and changes occurring around them.

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