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They want to limit the rights of Ukrainians because of the TCC: the media found out what has already appeared in the Rada

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This information was reported by Economic News, reports URA-Inform.

According to the plan, every man is required to appear and register with the TCC, and those not already included in the military register must do so immediately. In addition, people's deputies are considering introducing sanctions against those men who refuse re-identification or do not register with the military.

Member of the Verkhovna Rada Committee on National Security, Defense and Intelligence, Vadim Ivchenko, reported intentions of the deputies.

They are aimed at passing a law obliging all men to attend the military registration and enlistment office and maintain military records. Authorities are seeking to obtain accurate data on the size of the reserve and develop a plan for future mobilizations.

It is also assumed that men temporarily or permanently residing abroad will be required to undergo re-identification. If they refuse, they face unpleasant consequences, such as deprivation of banking services and termination of consular and notary services.

«For example, men who refuse to re-enter identification will lose access to banking services and their bank cards will be frozen. This means they will not be able to order a new card, access their funds or make financial transactions. In addition, such men will not be able to use notary services to complete transactions, such as selling real estate abroad, re-issuing a passport, and so on», — said one of the people's deputies.

Currently, the bill is being considered in the Verkhovna Rada and is being discussed.

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