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What Ukraine will be forced to do without US help: Zelensky gave a forecast

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President Vladimir Zelensky said that today the military support of the United States of America is extremely important for Ukraine.

< p>This information was reported by The Washington Post, reports URA-Inform.  

The head of state said that Ukraine is now awaiting a decision by the US Congress on a bill that contains $60 billion for Ukraine. He noted that without US help, the Armed Forces of Ukraine will be forced to retreat.

«If there is no US support, this means that we have no there will be no air defense, no Patriot missiles, no electronic warfare, no 155mm artillery shells. This means that we will go back, retreat step by step, small steps», — Zelensky said.

The President explained that to defend the front line you need eight thousand artillery shells a day, and when there are only two thousand, you have to «go back, making the front line shorter« #187;.

«We are trying to find a way not to retreat», — Zelensky noted.

In addition, the guarantor added that after the Russians captured Avdiivka in February, Ukraine stabilized the situation at the front thanks to «reasonable steps» military.

We recall that it was previously reported why Biden is delaying the supply of weapons to Ukraine: Zelensky’s explanation.

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