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What will summer be like in Ukraine: scientists warned of record temperatures

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The past 2023 turned out to be the warmest year on the planet in the entire history of weather observations, and, apparently, this is only the beginning of hotter years ahead.

This information was reported by the Today resource, URA-Inform reports.

What will happen to the country's climate?

Climatologists report that winters in the country will become shorter and milder, while summers will lengthen and become even hotter. This opinion is confirmed by the candidate of geographical sciences, Vera Balabukh, who is the head of the department of applied meteorology and climatology of the Ukrainian Hydrometeorological Institute of the State Emergency Service and the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine.

She notes that the average annual temperature in Ukraine is rising faster than in the whole world , which is explained by the continental location of the country. Over the past decades, the duration of the warm period and the growing season has increased by 7-8 days every decade.


«We are seeing an increase in the number of summer days with an average air temperature above 15 degrees by 8 days every 10 years. These changes have led to a significant increase in the summer season in Ukraine. For example, last year in September we recorded temperatures that are usually typical for June-July», — notes Balabukh.

Bottom Line

These climate changes also cause an increase in the frequency of natural disasters, such as downpours, squalls, hail, droughts and heat waves. At the same time, wind speeds in temperate latitudes, including Ukraine, are decreasing, which reduces the likelihood of snowstorms and dust storms.

The projected intensity of temperature rise means that in 20 years the climate of Ukraine will be very different from the current one. In winter, snow will become a rare occurrence, the winter season will become even shorter and milder, while summer will last and become even hotter.

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