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When will the US House of Representatives return to the issue of assistance to Ukraine: Speaker Johnson's response

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Journalist of the publication «Voice of America» asked Johnson if he had an answer to the call of 23 European heads of state to approve new aid to Ukraine.

This information was reported by the Voice of America, URA-Inform reports.  

Speaker of the House of Representatives of the United States Congress Mike Johnson responded that the issue of assistance to Ukraine will be considered after funding for the American government continues.

«The House of Representatives is considering all available options. And we will return to this as soon as the government receives funding», — he said.

Johnson noted that this week congressmen will work to resolve border security and avoid a «shutdown» — partial suspension of government agencies, which may occur if the budget is not approved.

«If we are already going to fix everything in this world , we must fix America first. This means two things: it means protecting the border and funding our government. And so this week we're working really hard to do both of those things», — said the speaker.

Mike Johnson also added that the Senate had four months to pass a bill on additional funding for Ukraine, but the House received the document less than two weeks ago.

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