• 23/04/2024 06:48

Zaluzhny named his main mistake: the Commander-in-Chief admitted where he made a serious miscalculation

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This information was reported by the Hromadske publication, URA-Inform reports.

It is noted that several months ago Zaluzhny tried to explain to his partners that modern military operations in the 21st century are significantly different from past military conflicts.

In connection with the above, he emphasized the need for updated technologies and revision of combat plans. Despite initial criticism from Western partners, they subsequently realized the truth of the statements of the Ukrainian military.

«The development of science in the 21st century automatically entails changes in the tactics of using weapons,” Zaluzhny noted.

He also warned that the year following 2023 will bring with it significant changes in the military sphere. The Armed Forces of Ukraine are already working to solve the main problems in order to more effectively conduct combat operations and reduce losses.  However, Zaluzhny admitted that the occupiers are also not standing still.

«My main mistake was to think that the volume of losses we inflicted , will stop anyone. But not the Russian Federation,” Zaluzhny added.

Let’s remember what the Ukrainian Armed Forces fighters are talking about among themselves: the ex-Minister of Economy made an alarming admission.

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