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Beat three times again. The Russian DRG was trying to break through the cordon near the Sumy region (photo)

The Russian DRG made a desperate attempt to break through the Ukrainian cordon in Sumy region for 3 years. The enemy, having changed tactics several times, after the second year of battle, the occupiers managed to be thrown far beyond the cordon.

This was stated by the commander of the Joint Forces of the ZSU, Lieutenant General Sergiy Naev, writing to RBC-Ukraine via e-mail on his Telegram.

“In Sumy, directly by the fighters of the Territorial Defense Forces, who defend the Pivnichny operational zone, the enemy’s sabotage and reconnaissance group was determined to cross the sovereign cordon of Ukraine,” he said.

Details of the test and I will tear down the DRG of the Russian Federation

3 fierce about 18: 20, on the approaches to the Glukhiv community, fighters from one of the strongholds marked the ruin of the formed group at the warehouse of ten individuals. Immediately, the Ukrainian fighters launched a rifle battle and called for anti-sabotage reserves from the warehouse of their battalion.

“Already a few minutes before the battle, mortar men arrived, heavily covering the area with fire This is the concentration of warring forces,” – Rospov Naev.

< p>Having realized the loss, according to the general's data, the enemy changed tactics, splitting into two groups.

“One of these, under the cover of its artillery, was evacuating the bodies of the killed and wounded. The other group was trying to bypass the stronghold point 3 side flank. At this hour, a counter-sabotage group arrived at the scene of the battle. A serious battle has been going on for the second year,” he stated, adding that the enemy had been thrown far beyond the border line.

The situation near the Sumy region

Currently, the situation in the border region of Sumy has sharply deteriorated – not only through constant shelling, but also through the continuous attempts of Russian saboteurs to break through the Ukrainian border in any direction.

During the day, Speaker Sovereign Andriy Demchenko, from the border service of Ukraine, recognized that the greatest activity Russian sabotage and reconnaissance groups are located on the cordon with the aggressor country itself in the Sumy region. And this is already tragically confirmed – on the 27th of today, the Russian DRG shot two people. The cabins of the dead are located near the village of Andriivka, located near the 5-kilometer border with the Russian zone.

Literally 3 fierce in the Sumy region blocked the ruins of cars with road plots near the border , in a 5-kilometer smoothie from the border with the Russian Federation, and other the roads introduced a recommended regime of ruins one by one. And in the summer of 2023, evacuation was introduced from the border settlements located near the 5-kilometer zone from the cordon with the aggressor country.

Terms and important information about the war between Russia and Ukraine read on the RBC-Ukraine channel on Telegram.

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