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How many working pensioners can find in Ukraine: data from the PFU

As of the 1st quarter of 2024, there were 10.2 million pensioners in Ukraine. Of these, 2.7 million people continued to work.

This is reported by RBC-Ukraine in a letter to the press service of the Pension Fund of Ukraine (PFU).

According to the PFU data, the average size of pensions having become 5,743.27 hryvnia, for working pensioners – 6,094.28 hryvnia.

Since the beginning, the average payment to working pensioners has increased by 7.7% (by 433.23 hryvnia).

< p>The breakdown of pensioners by types of payment assignments is as follows:

Reshuffle for working pensioners

Guess what, automatic reshuffle pensions with increased length of service from 1 quarter were obtained for 654 thousand working pensioners.

The change is made for the length of service accrued in the remaining two years. The amount of the increased pension is determined for each pensioner individually, depending on the length of the insurance period and salary (income) on which the pension is calculated.

Payment of advanced pensions Chernya will have a fate in 2024 (with the encouragement of advances for kviten and grass) . This is due to the fact that a change is possible after the State Register of Legal Obligation State Social Insurance finds information about the ESV payment for the first quarter. And such calls will be sent through the grass.

There is no need to make any special efforts to carry out the re-arrangement: it will be done automatically.

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